Digital HUB Core Features

About Digital HUB

Digital HUB, a “Versatile Platform, State of Art technology offering” with a wide range of user-friendly features and functionalities. It serves as a centralized platform for businesses, dealers, distributors, retailers and companies to  streamline their business processes.

Top Features
  • Knowledge Base Platform
  • Community Building Platform
  • Content Dissemination Platform
  • Communication Platform
  • Networking & Collaboration Platform
  • Publishing Platform
  • Commerce Platform
  • Service Integration Platform

Digital HUB Core Features

Digital Hub is a SaaS platform that provides cloud based services/solutions for Knowledge & Content dissemination, Community building, Knowledge Base creation, Powerful communication, Networking & Collaboration, Publishing, 
Smart E-Commerce and Other Services integration etc.

Digital HUB Creation + Launch

Registration in NamFarmers and business group creation within NamFarmers to create and launch the Digital HUB, fostering collaboration, community building and quicker communication. 20+ features and functionalities to help your organization build brand awareness, brand trust and brand popularity.

Branded Website

A dedicated website with your branding, serving as the online presence and gateway to the digital world.

Branded Android & iOS Mobile Apps

Design, Develop and Launch with your branded Android and iOS apps in Play Store and App Store to provide seamless user experience.

PWA - Progressive Web App

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that delivers a native app-like experience through the use of modern web technologies. Its main benefits include improved performance, push notifications, and the ability to be installed on a user's home screen without needing to go through an app store & Play store.

Users Limit

Enroll and engage users in the Digital HUB with OTP authentication. The user limits will be mentioned in your plan or estimate / invoice. 

10+ languages

The platform supports communication and content in 10+ Indian languages (English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu)

Admin to approve content

Content submitted by users goes through an approval process by Digital HUB admin before being published, ensuring quality and compliance.

Knowledge Base Platform

Create a centralized knowledge base / wiki for your organization, a repository of information and resources for users to enhance their understanding of relevant topics.

Content Dissemination Platform

The platform allows the efficient sharing and distribution of content and knowledge among users. Contents are routed according to user needs and preferences. Content can be any format like Videos, Audios, Youtube / Vimeo video links, Pictures, Files, Articles, Events, Polls etc.

Networking & Collaboration Platform

Features that enable users to connect with each other for networking and collaborative purposes. Users can collaborate on discussions via Timeline/News Feeds, Posts, In app chat. Users can display their live crops and get expert advice from Scientists.

Integrated Global Modules

User-friendly features or modules like MarketPlace, Market Price, Jobs Portal, Directory etc. are integrated into Digital HUB to provide valuable information and awareness to your community. This will help immensely in keeping your users engaged and keeping your community vibrant.

AI ChatBot

An AI-powered chatbot provides automated assistance and support to users. 1 codeless chatbot will be published.

Live Streaming

Users can add a youtube live streaming link to the post and that would auto play live video content within your HUB. Super useful if you want to do a live demonstration or live selling of your product.

In App Messages + Chat

An AI-powered chatbot provides automated assistance and support to users. 1 codeless chatbot will be published.

BI Reports + Dashboards

Business Intelligence reports and dashboards for administrators to gain insights into user statistics, platform usage and performance. This could significantly help in making important business decisions.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

A dedicated relationship personnel will be allocated to address your questions and guide you with monitoring and support, ensuring a positive experience and success of the platform.

Push Notifications / month

Push Notifications are way more advanced communication tools than text messages or other messaging tools. Send push notifications to your users daily for important updates, announcements, and events, to keep your users engaged and using the application.

NamFarmers Single Sign-on

This functionality provides a seamless and highly scalable solution for user authentication with powerful OTP verification. Users will be registered in namfarmers and can easily log in Digital HUBs without the need for repeated sign-ins & registration.

Community Building Platform

The platform facilitates the creation and growth of communities of users and other stakeholders, ensuring active engagement and participation. Your organization network increases the net worth.

Communication Platform

A Powerful Communication tool to provide easy, expeditious and effective communication within all Stakeholders. Two way interaction model via Push notifications, SMS, Email, whatsApp notifications

Publishing Platform

Any newsletters, journals, magazines related to agriculture can be published in the dedicated book shelves (provided to you) on the platform.

Our Ads network displayed

An advertising network is integrated into the platform and promotes relevant agri content for the users. Ads help us generate small revenues so we could keep your cost low. There are also “Ads Free Hub” options at a higher price point if you are interested.

Live Call + Live Chat

Real-time audio calls from the app, along with live chat functionality for enhanced communication with your users thus providing superior customer service. Option to leave a voice call/message too when admin is offline, thus capturing 24/7 user inputs. Upto 3 operator licenses will be provided.

Directory Listing

Your organization will be listed in a global directory listing which is available as a global module integrated to all the digital hubs, thus showcasing your org details and helps in easy discovery of your products, solutions for generating leads.

Events Announcement

The platform facilitates the announcement and coordination of your upcoming events or your participation in various other events.

Webinar Training to Staffs, Students & Users / Farmers

Regular webinars and training sessions will be conducted at periodic intervals to hub users, so that the app and hub usage is significantly improved and users get benefited.

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